Submissions from 2016


Tschermak fractionation in calc-alkaline magmas: the Eocene Sabzevar volcanism (NE Iran), F. Lucci, F. Rossetti, John Charles White, H. S. Moghadam, and M. Nasrabady


Relationships Between Surface and Ground Water Velocities Determined from Dy Trace Experiments in McConnell Springs and Preston's Cave Spring, Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky, Laura A. Norris, Cassie E. Simpson, and Trent Garrison

Submissions from 2013


Are 34S-enriched authigenic sulfide minerals a proxy for elevated methane flux and gas hydrates in the geologic record?, Walter Borowski, Nancy Marie Rodriguez, C. K. Paull, and Bill Ussler

Submissions from 2009


The origin of trachyte and pantellerite from Pantelleria, Italy: Insights from major element, trace element, and thermodynamic modelling, John White, Don Parker, and Minghua Ren


Assessing the Impacts of Coal Waste on Residential Wells in the Appalachian Region of the Big Sandy Watershed, Kentucky and West Virginia: An Exploratory Investigation, Andrew Wigginton, Jay Mitchell, Ginger Evansc, and Stephanie Mcspirit

Submissions from 2007


Urban Heat Islands: Observations, Impacts, and Adaptation, Donald M. Yow