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The Dangerous History of the Love Song [Video]


Ted Gioia

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Ted Gioia is a man of varied interests and talents. He has enjoyed a recording career as a jazz pianist, helped design a formal jazz studies program at Stanford University, consulted Fortune 500 businesses, and undertaken business projects in 25 countries on five different continents. Although all of Gioia’s numerous activities and achievements are impressive, he is best known for sharing his passion for jazz – and music history in general – through his prose as an author. His most well-known book is probably A History of Jazz, the best-selling survey of jazz published in the past 25 years. It is for his output of music history books that the Dallas Morning News called Gioia “one of the outstanding music historians in America.” Another of Gioia’s books, Love Songs: The Hidden History, is noteworthy as the first book to survey all 5,000 years of the history of love songs. In one of the book’s many positive reviews, the Atlantic Monthly called it “a mind-expanding, deep-focus piece of scholarship.”

Part of the Chautauqua Lecture Series: Order and Chaos (2016-2017)


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