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War and Development in the Age of Climate Change [Video]

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Christian Parenti has a Ph.D. in Sociology (co-supervised in Geography) from the London School of Economics and is a professor in the Global Liberal Studies Program at New York University, specializing in Environmental History, Political Economy, Political Ecology and the Politics of War. His 2011 book, Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence, explored how climate change is already causing violence as it interacts with the legacies of economic neoliberalism and cold-war militarism. The book involved several years of travel and research in conflict zones of the Global South. When it appeared, critics called Tropic of Chaos “a must-read,” “a harrowing tour-de-force,” “a sweeping discourse on the collision set in motion between the natural and the social world,” and a “wake-up call for humanity, particularly the richest nations.” The San Francisco Bay Guardian wrote that “Parenti offers an unusual and compelling analysis of violence through the lens of the environment” and another reviewer noted that “Tropic of Chaos not only asks the right questions. An argument could be made that it deals with the only questions currently worth asking.”

International Studies Keynote Address.

Part of the Chautauqua Lecture Series: Order and Chaos (2016-2017)


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