Critical Components of Transforming Teaching and Leading: Recognizing Educational Success Professional Excellence, and Collaborative Teaching (RESPECT)


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The purpose of this commentary is to disseminate significant content and to trigger discussion on the seven components of “A Blueprint for R.E.S.P.E.C.T. RECOGNIZING EDUCATIONAL SUCCESS, PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE AND COLLABORATIVE TEACHING (2012).” Teacher preparation programs in the United States are moving in the direction of a clinical model. Some reasons for doing so are to facilitate teacher leadership and respect, earn higher professional recognition, acquire higher financial compensation, and embrace more collaborative teaching. This formula should lead to American students receiving an education that meets competitive global standards. Highly effective teachers accelerate student learning, close achievement gaps that have persisted for decades, and build habits of mind that change the trajectories of students’ lives, resulting in lower dropout rates, lower rates of teen pregnancy, and greater lifetime earnings and career satisfaction (Chetty, Friedman, & Rockoff, 2011). Strong school leaders enable effective teachers to grow and thrive (Auguste, Kihn, & Miller, 2010). It is therefore important to discuss the Blueprint’s tenets for educational success, professional excellence, and collaborative teaching