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The Corpus of Spanish in Georgia is a collection of semi-structured interviews conducted in 2015 with members of the Latinx community in the metropolitan Atlanta area, primarily in the city of Roswell, Georgia. Currently, the corpus comprises 20 first-generation Mexican immigrants from various regions of Mexico. The interviews lasted between 30 minutes and one hour. They were informal, conversational, and addressed topics of personal history, local community life, differences between the speakers’ home countries and the U.S., and experiences adapting to life in Roswell, among others (for further details on fieldwork and data collection methods, see Limerick 2018).

The fieldwork in Roswell and transcription of interviews were made possible in part by funding from the University of Georgia Graduate School and the Willson Center for Humanities & Arts at the University of Georgia. Many thanks also to Trevor Talmadge and Lilian Zhu for their transcription assistance.

*Interviews from nineteen additional Spanish-speakers with varying Latin-American national origins will be added to the corpus in the future as the transcripts become available.

Demographics of the speakers:

The 20 speakers consist of 12 females and 8 males with ages ranging from 25 to 60. Additionally, their length of residency (LOR) in the U.S. ranges from 2 to 25 years (average = 12 years), and their ages of arrival (AOAs) range from 11 to 56 (average = 27). In terms of education levels, they range from primary school to university. The speakers have a variety of occupations, nearly half of them being small business owners. Finally, their English proficiency ranges from very poor to good. English proficiency was measured using speakers’ self-ratings on a scale from 1 (very poor) to 5 (very good), with an average rating of 2.75.

See downloadable PDF for more detailed demographics

Transcription conventions:

  • @ = laughter
  • , = short pause (.5 seconds or less)
  • … = long pause (1 seconds or more)
  • X = unintelligible
  • T: (#) = timestamp (approximate)
  • XXX = removed identifying information

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