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Open Access Capstone

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Melanie A. Johnson

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Molly J. Bradshaw

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Case management (CM) offered in primary care is a collaboration, guided by the registered nurse, working to coordinate all aspects of care for the patient and the family. The purpose of this quality improvement/assurance project was to provide nurses in primary care with the education and methods of CM to assist in more effectively managing care for a patient after testing positive for COVID-19. An intervention was delivered to registered nurses (RN) in the primary care setting designed to improve knowledge and skill with case management for patients with high care needs or recently diagnosed with COVID-19. A templated note was created to assist with application of the skill in practice. Findings indicate when given a templated note to utilize the registered nurses were able to document a comprehensive case management note. To promote compliance in case management further templated notes should be created for the RNs to utilize.

Keywords: case management, registered nurse, emergency department, hospitalizations

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