Implementation of an Evidence-Based Preceptor Training Program (PTP) for Correctional Nurses

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Open Access Capstone

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Molly J. Bradshaw

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Quentin Moore

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Preceptor training is important in improving the skills, knowledge, and confidence of a nurse preceptor. The lack of preparation of a preceptor can contribute to negative outcomes for the employee and employer, such as decreased job satisfaction, decreased confidence, and an increased financial burden. The evidence-based project was implemented in a large teaching university that provides care to a large inmate population in the southern United States. A blended curriculum was presented to participants (N = 7) that included the use of online modules and an 8-hour virtual workshop. Six participants completed the program (n = 6). Findings related to the intervention improving or increasing preceptor role knowledge, confidence, and satisfaction were not statistically significant. These findings may have been attributed to the small sample size and lack of time to precept. Participants (n = 6) all strongly agreed that the program objectives were met and accomplished the overall goal of preparation of the nurse in the role of preceptor. Collectively, this work adds to the evidence of the importance of providing formal training to prepare nurses for the role of preceptor.

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