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Open Access Capstone

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Angela Wood

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Molly J Bradshaw-O'Neil

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Uncontrolled asthma in middle school age children and adolescents results in increased morbidity and often impairs a student’s ability to participate in school activities. School absenteeism is an unintended consequence which in turn can impact academic success. School nurses can improve student asthma outcomes through effective asthma management behaviors (AMB’s). The purpose of this multi-phase quality improvement DNP project was to improve both knowledge and confidence, and thereby improve AMB’s in Kentucky school nurses. A convenience sample of twelve nurses participated in the project. The American Lung Association’s (ALA) Kickin’ Asthma training was extended to all Kentucky school nurses who utilized the Kentucky school nurse Listserv. A paired t-test was used to calculate pre-post intervention scores. Post-intervention scores for both knowledge and confidence were significantly improved. The mean for pre-knowledge is 22.58, and the mean for post-knowledge was 27.75, with n = 12. The mean for pre-confidence was 21.70 and the mean for post-confidence was 28.10 with n = 10. The p values were significant, knowledge (p < .001), and confidence (p < .001). Findings suggest that increased asthma education for Kentucky school nurses can improve asthma outcomes.

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