Criminal Juvenile Justice in America: a Model Primer for High School Students

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Closed Access Thesis

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Master Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)


Justice Studies

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Charles H. Reedy

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Justice Studies

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Robert W. Ullman

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Justice Studies

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Richard Snarr

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Justice Studies


The increased interest in criminal justice education at the secondary level, as discussed in Chapter 1, coupled with the apparent lack of a single, comprehensive source on crime, criminal law, and criminal justice at the secondary level indicated that a text that covered those subjects would be a contribution to the literature and field of criminal justice education at the high school level. The major contribution of the model text within this thesis then is not that it will add any new information to the criminal justice discipline, but that it combines related material into a single source which will permit high school students to integrate information on the problem of crime with the criminal laws that define crime, the system that regulates crime, and the process that occurs when those criminal laws are violated.


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