Sorry Horses

Date of Award

January 2016

Degree Type

Closed Access Thesis

Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


English and Theatre

First Advisor

Julie Hensley

Department Affiliation

English and Theatre

Second Advisor

R. Dean Johnson

Department Affiliation

English and Theatre

Third Advisor

Carter Sickels

Department Affiliation

English and Theatre


Sorry Horses is a cycle of stories whose central protagonists, Denver and Bonita Breeden, are siblings from the small Kentucky town of Puckett. Although they grow up in the same house, their love is tested by the different experiences they have in that house. Through the cycle, Denver and Bonnie find that their shared history may not be enough to overcome their differences, and the resulting rift may be too large to cross. By using voice, rhyming action, setting, fractured perspective and time, and subverted symbolism, I explore the paralyzing effects of family secrets in a small town and how history shapes the present.

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