Date of Award

January 2016

Degree Type

Open Access Thesis

Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Justice Studies

First Advisor

Scott A. Hunt

Department Affiliation

Justice Studies

Second Advisor

Kevin I. Minor

Department Affiliation

Justice Studies

Third Advisor

Dustin B. Wygant

Department Affiliation



The psychopathic personality disorder is an extraordinarily complex and multidimensional phenomenon. While its study has primarily focused on criminal and forensic populations, many researchers are broadening the scope of psychopathy research to include those in the corporate world. This, after striking similarities were revealed between the personalities of corporate leaders and clinically diagnosed psychopaths. One profession that may be attractive to psychopathic personalities is the media, specifically television and radio. This exploratory study utilized a blend of original and archival data. Calculated effect sizes were used to examine the existence of personality facets among three groups of media professionals and how they compare to both inmate and community samples. Research limitations and future research endeavors are further discussed within this study.