Date of Award

January 2018

Degree Type

Open Access Dissertation

Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

First Advisor

Charles S. Hausman

Second Advisor

Robert M. Barton

Third Advisor

Robert Biggin


"In athletic training, males have dominated the profession for the initial 30 years of its existence, opening the doors for women only as recently as the 1970s" (Dieringer, 2007, p. 106). There has been a limited amount of research and data regarding female athletic trainers working with and at the level of professional sports, particularly with male teams. Within the last decade there has been an increase in interest of female athletic trainers and their professional pursuits; especially since 2007, there have been more females in the field of athletic training than males. The following literature and results provide various pieces of information which describe the current state of female athletic trainers in male professional sports.