Date of Award

January 2018

Degree Type

Open Access Thesis

Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

D. Alexander Varakin

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Second Advisor

Hung-Tao Michael Chen

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Third Advisor

Adam L. Lawson

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Previous research has examined visual-statistical learning at the individual level but have used measurements which are not sensitive enough to detect differences at the individual level. This study investigates temporal visual-statistical learning but uses a recently modified task designed to be more sensitive to individual performance. This study also incorporated an indirect measure of learning in the form of a rapid serial visual presentation paradigm (RSVP), a cover task, and binary confidence judgments, to assess how aware participants were of the statistical structure. Although there was strong evidence of participants learning the statistical structure at the group level, there was little evidence suggesting participants learned the statistical structure under the more rigorous criteria used to assess individual performance. Furthermore, participants that learned the statistical regularities at the individual level exhibited explicit, rather than implicit, learning of the structure.