Date of Award


Degree Type

Open Access Thesis

Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


English and Theatre

First Advisor

Paula Kopacz

Department Affiliation

English and Theatre


The writing of the novel as a creative thesis in American literature was a special project approved by the English department of Eastern Kentucky University. Beyond the university's departmental requirements in the course of study for a a Master of English in American literature, I did an independent study of creative writing texts recommended by the creative writing department at Easter Kentucky University. I attended three summer workshops at the Hindman Settlement School Writer's Workshop, Hindman, Kentucky, with classes under professors/authors Robert Morgan, Gurney Norman, Lee Smith and other noted others. My undergraduate study of the English novel and my graduate study of the American novel gave me a strong base for construction a novel. Two Kentucky authors, George Ella Lyon and Anne Shelby reviewed the manuscript prior to submission to the English department and deemed the novel as appropriate for a creative thesis in American literature. The graduate committee of Dr. Paula Kopacz, chair, Dr. Harry Brown, published Kentucky poet and Dr. Sherry Robinson, published novelist. The result of the study allowed me to experience a combination of creative writing and analytical writing. I was able to bring together a unique academic project of applying critical theory not only to the works of various noted American authors but also to my own work.