The Comprehensive Handbook of School Safety


The Comprehensive Handbook of School Safety


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Safety, Security, and Emergency Management


In most schools you will probably see one, if not all of the following:

  • Metal detectors to prevent handguns and other weapons from being brought onto school property
  • Students in standardized uniforms to prevent the appearance of gang affiliations
  • Police officers patrolling the property to deter violent activity as well as respond to incidents

Such evolutions have forever changed how we view the safety of our students. However, the phrase "school safety" goes beyond these issues of security put in place to protect students, faculty, and staff. Environmental factors also play a role. The Comprehensive Handbook of School Safety expands the dialogue on school safety to comprehensively address the spectrum of safety risks such as bullying, fire safety, playground and transportation safety, and more. Based on research and practical experience, it helps school administrators develop appropriate programs that protect all individuals from harm.

Author E. Scott Dunlap brings his experience in OSHA and DOT compliance, behavior-based safety, and organizational safety culture to bear on the issue of school safety. He presents school safety from a holistic perspective and details vulnerability assessment tools and incident investigation forms to help schools develop a comprehensive safety program. By focusing on this range of issues, the book’s dynamic perspective puts the keys to achieving an effective safety program within easy reach.



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New York, NY


school safety, security services, health and safety, security management


Defense and Security Studies | Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration

The Comprehensive Handbook of School Safety