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On-Demand Tech Training for Students, Faculty, and Staff



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Libraries are increasingly becoming the technology centers of their organizations. In academic libraries, technology instruction for students as well as for university faculty and staff should be an essential piece of the culture of the library and that of the university at large. This chapter, informed by the experiences of three Eastern Kentucky University librarians, will cover our experience building EKU Libraries' ColonelSmart program, an on-demand, a la carte, technology training program being offered to students, faculty, and staff of the university based on their particular needs. ColonelSmart explores technology-based topics relevant to research, academic success, and teaching and learning through informal pop-ups and on-demand requestable workshops. For students, the sessions cover a wide variety of useful technology topics that librarians do not often have time to cover in one-shot library instruction sessions, such as advanced Google searching, Google Scholar for beginners, citation management tools, navigating the pitfalls of social media, and many more. For faculty and staff, these sessions include topics such as best practices for using copyrighted material in teaching, citation management tools, and apps for academics. The chapter will cover the ins and outs of setting up a successful on-demand technology training program at your academic library.

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Teaching Technology in Libraries: Creative Ideas for Training Staff, Patrons, and Students