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Meeting Society's Needs for Education and Discovery: A Survey of Eight Field Stations and Marine Laboratories in the Southeastern United States


Biological Sciences

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Field stations and marine laboratories (FSMLs) are essential institutions for natural history education and research. Recently, the National Research Council suggested goals for FSMLs and that a metric be administered for their evaluation. We surveyed a non-random cross-section of 8 southeastern US FSMLs in different ecosystems to evaluate how they provide educational opportunities in accordance with National Research Council recommendations pertaining to convergence, STEM education, and interdisciplinary education. Survey responses were provided as narrative responses and through the completion of a rubric. FSML representatives reported generally high mean scores in categories addressed in the rubric. We observed the greatest variation in responses regarding the number of interdisciplinary programs offered across FSMLs. Rubric responses associated with convergence across programs, station culture, and facilities were relatively uniform. Although the FSMLs surveyed exhibited variations in ecosystems serviced and programs offered, all of the institutions provide a collaborative environment for individuals from multiple ages and backgrounds.

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Southeastern Naturalist