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Management, Marketing, and International Business

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Business educators share a common interest in encouraging their students to improve intercultural, leadership communication, and professionalism skills to enable and promote increased fulfillment, character development, and advancement toward graduation, in addition to improving student employability after graduation. While career success depends on the standards and knowledge of character and behavioral traits, much more than on technical knowledge, these attributes define the qualities desired across various professions (Barnhart, 2013) in these three areas. For example, Holmes (2015) found that the values and communication rules of discourse systems may be different from that which is expected in the international workplace.

A Certificate in Corporate Communication promotes the skillsets for interculturalism, leadership communication, and professionalism. With the positive feedback already received from several entities, including business executives; the student success of relevant development of skillsets for any business or non-business major; and the opportunity to showcase the communication courses to all students and programs at the University, the Certificate of Corporate Communication has already proven its success.

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International Journal for Business Education