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Personal branding is the process by which an individual actively tries to manage others’ impression of their skills, abilities and experiences (Johnson, 2017). It is the marketing of oneself to society (Lair, Sullivan, & Cheney, 2005; Peters, 1997; Shepherd, 2005). While the current job market is touted as being the best in years, employment opportunities for business aspirants in the U.S. economy changed little from 2017 to 2016 when comparing a United States Department of Labor annual report (“United States Department of Labor,” 2018). This suggests that new business graduates continue to face the harsh reality of a challenging environment in terms of future employment prospects. This accentuates a great need for business schools to arm students with the personal branding skills requisite for today’s competitive employment landscape.

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Refereed Proceedings of the Appalachian Research in Business Symposium

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Appalachian Research in Business Symposium

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