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Awareness and application of minimum impact practices among rock climbers in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky

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Brian ClarkORCID iD iconhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-2944-3193


Recreation and Park Administration

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This study examines Leave No Trace (LNT) knowledge among rock climbers in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge (RRG), looking to establish if knowing more about LNT practices alters subsequent actions while climbing. The study uses survey data collected over one year in the RRG climbing areas. Ordinary Least Squares regression analysis reveals a positive relationship between a respondent’s awareness level of minimum impact practices and their self-reported actions adhering to those practices based on ones’ knowledge of LNT. Having a high income also has an impact on this relationship. This study establishes a dialogue about LNT principles as they relate to outdoor recreation and land management in climbing areas, while looking to continue the push for environmental education and minimum impact research to more fields.

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Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education

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