The purpose of this honors thesis is to identify the obstacles and challenges in supply-chain management in three countries in South East Asia: Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Countries in South East Asia have become attractive markets for companies from developed countries. They are also outsourcing destinations for manufacturing companies. However, factors like infrastructure, language difference, business culture, government policies or even natural disasters have affected supply-chain management system in these countries and prevented their markets from reaching maximum potentials. The basic premise of this study is to identify those obstacles and to analyze their impacts on supply-chain management and business potentials in South East Asia. It will also provide several suggestions for companies from developed countries to cope with these challenges. This undergraduate research employs qualitative methods including in-depth interviews with experts in the field to improve the depth and quality of the research.

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Spring 2013


Allyn White

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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Management, Marketing, and International Business

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