Defining photography is something people have been attempting to do for many years now, yet the question still remains unanswered. There are so many facets of this area that it is impossible to truly define. Portrait, event, landscape, and fashion are just some examples. Every day the world of photography is growing and becoming something new and different. This is due to the increased availability of high quality cameras. The best way to learn the trade is to go out and explore; for this project that is exactly what I did. I came across a tutorial about adding a paint pattern to skin, which caught my interest. I was immediately hooked. I was inspired by both fashion and portrait photography. I created a niche for myself. I pushed the boundaries and forced the viewer to question what is being seen. In my quest to achieve my goal of confusing people, I discovered that the more realistic the photograph looked, the more convincing it is. With each image I learned something new, whether it was about myself as and artist, or PhotoShop, or photography in general. I learned that small details are important when making something realistic. This project helped me realize that there will not always be and assignment for me to be doing, there will not always be a reason to take photos. The more I work, the more successful I will be. And finally, through this process I learned that the easy was is never the best way.

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Spring 4-11-2012


Mary Tortorici

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Art and Design

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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Art and Design

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Bethany Perry

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Bethany Perry

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Courtney Lewis

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Courtney Lewis

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Meredith Dickens

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Michelle Harris

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Meredith Dickens

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Joanna Dunn