Biomechanics in Sports and Unfair International Competition


Biomechanics combines the laws of physics with human anatomy to better understand human movement and the forces involved during the movement. This field has been revolutionary in sports performances and research studies. Biomechanists have helped improve athlete’s technique and style of training through experimental research and observations. Advancements in technology have provided biomechanists with a variety of different equipment to collect data. The addition of biomechanists and new technological equipment is expensive to fund and therefore can only be utilized when the finances are available. This poses a problem for the underdeveloped countries and their ability to compete internationally. Even the elite Olympic teams in the majority of Third World countries do not have the money to incorporate expensive technological equipment and biomechanists into their sports science teams. This creates an unfair disadvantage for those countries and raises the question as to whether international sports are truly a competition between the best athletes or a competition between the best technology devices and sports science teams?

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Summer 8-16-2013


Marianne McAdam

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Exercise and Sport Science

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Exercise and Sport Science

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