Metamorphosis of Self: A Series of Portraits and Poetry


Metamorphosis of Self: A Series of Portraits & Poetry displays photographs, photo essay, and poetry of a personal documentation of a transgender female going through her metamorphosis of self. I wished to capture my metamorphosis through my lens, to record the physical changes, and my poetry, to describe some of the psychological changes. I yearned to illustrate the body changes as well as the Psychological changes I was about to go through. I also wanted to exemplify that a Transgender woman can be just as beautiful as a cisgender woman. Beauty comes in many forms, and I desire to use my body as art, to be a vignette of this conviction I wish to convey to the viewer. My desire is for my portraits and poetry to educate the viewer. My hope is that this project gives you a better understanding of a transgender person, and may allow you to have empathy for these courageous souls who dare to be themselves in a society that beholds such expressions of life as taboo and sinful. By doing this project, I have discovered more beauty in myself I didn’t once view. I hope one day, another transgender girl witnesses my photos and my poetry reverberates in her ears, giving her the hope and strength she needs to embark on her own journey of transitioning.

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Fall 12-4-2013


Mary Tortorici

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Art and Design

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Restricted Access Thesis

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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Language and Cultural Studies, Anthropology, and Sociology

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Foreign Languages and Humanities

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