The relationship between autism spectrum disorders and deafness continues to be one that is relatively unexplored. When autism and deafness occur together, a diagnosis of either condition may be missed or diagnosed late. For example, a deaf child may be diagnosed severely autistic only because it seems that comprehension and receptive abilities are lacking and a hearing test is simply not administered. Conversly, an individual may be diagnosed as deaf because a physician explains away atypical behavior as characteristic of being deaf, failing to consider autism. Truth is, however, it is highly probable that the two occur together, more so than previously thought. In this survey study, this relationship is explored further, surveying the administrators of schools for the deaf around the nation. In doing so, those with first-hand experience describe: the areas in which deaf children with autism struggle the most, methods that best help this population of students learn, and which approaches to communication work best.

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Fall 12-4-2013


Myra Beth Bundy

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