This paper describes peer tutoring through a literature review and an analysis of a new study. Throughout the paper, references to multiple other literature reviews and individual studies are presented. Different definitions and types of tutoring are presented for comparison. This paper provides various different dimensions that tutoring programs are suggested to include. Particular tutoring models discussed include Literacy Volunteers, Laubach Literacy, and Structured Tutoring. The literature reviewed, also includes particular studies in which grades of students who received no extra assistance with assignments were compared to those student who did receive extra assistance on assignments, though to varying levels. After the literature review, a detailed study is presented. This study, conducted at Eastern Kentucky University, explores the relationship between students in a basic computer literacy course, their participation in tutoring, and if this participation in tutoring had any significant impact on the students’ grades. After reviewing the data, one can conclude that there is significance in the difference of grades for students who attended tutoring and students who did not.

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