Crawfish frogs (Lithobates areolatus) have been experiencing significant population declines across their range over the last several decades due to widespread habitat loss and fragmentation. The Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge (BONWR) in southeastern Indiana, the easternmost locality of crawfish frog populations, houses recently discovered, isolated populations of crawfish frogs. We studied these populations as part of a larger study of crawfish frogs in Indiana to (1) assess within-population genetic diversity and among-population genetic differentiation and (2) determine the diversity and distribution of genetic variability among populations at BONWR and compare this to other genetic studies of crawfish frogs. Data from this study will provide a better understanding of current genetic variability and patterns of gene flow among crawfish frog populations on southeastern periphery of their range, yielding data necessary to inform management initiatives for this endangered species.

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Spring 2014


Stephen C. Richter

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Biological Sciences

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Biological Sciences