Academics have sought to understand the relationship between the values of an organization and the values held by its employees in great depth, and relationships between this employee-organization value congruence and several outcomes such as job satisfaction, employee turnover, and organizational commitment have been established. However, one aspect of value congruence that is still not well understood is how the type of ownership of an organization (nonprofit compared to for-profit) affects this degree of congruence. A lack of consensus and the failure of the emergence of a dominant theory have encouraged calls for further study by academics such as Ren (2013). This study aimed to investigate the relationship between employee-organization value congruence and organizational ownership type, as well as the moderating effects of ownership type on the relationship between value congruence and job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intentions. It is hypothesized that the organizational and employee values would match more closely within the nonprofit organizations because of their socially responsible nature and that the relationship between value congruence and the attitudinal outcomes mentioned previously would be stronger in nonprofit organizations. This hypothesis is tested by administering a survey consisting of a version of the Rokeach Value Survey, as well as measures for job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intentions to employees of for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Significant results were limited by the sample size used, but several important observations and conclusions were drawn from the data.

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Spring 5-10-2014


Beth Polin

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