Video games have been around for several decades, with each one bringing about new technologies and ideas that developers build upon and around in order to entertain the masses. If you were to ask the average person on the street, they would likely say that the process of developing a game is fairly straightforward: get an idea, start working on it, finish it, go after any bugs leftover, and release it. However, if you were to ask them what role research plays in the process, they would probably answer “To find bugs” and leave it at that. In reality, there is so much more that research does for the game design process. For my thesis, I decided to make my own game and use research to determine several factors which I will go over later.

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Spring 2014


George V. Landon

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Computer Science

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Bachelor Thesis

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Computer Science and Information Technology

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Computer Science

Derelict.swf (7 kB)
The actual game that I made for this thesis