The type of managerial style implemented within a company is a more critical component now than ever before. The ability to employ the most successful managerial style constitutes the development of a significantly sound organizational culture, and is ultimately linked to an organization’s success amongst changing times. Additionally, while many organizations previously implemented only those ethics most guaranteed to shape the highest profitability, it is purported that this is now changing. Indeed, it is proposed that a shift towards a more ethical managerial style leads to significantly higher organizational morale. Moreover, higher organizational morale is associated with higher organizational satisfaction and, therefore, a more sound company. Hence, determining the most affluent managerial style is critical. This field of study is in need of further investigation, and this paper will serve as a stepping stone toward the building of a more formal program of research for this honor’s student. The goal is to eventually expand upon this literature review and generate a more in-depth graduate thesis on this topic, in a future Industrial/ Organizational Master’s degree program.

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Spring 5-10-2014


Theresa Botts

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