There Are No Friends in World Domination was written by Megan Holloway, a senior Political Science major, with the help of her thesis mentor, Dr. Gregory Gunderson. In There Are No Friends in World Domination, the importance of alliances as well as the importance of why they occur is discussed in length. Alliances are a key factor in balancing world powers and deterring various threats to peace. Different theories behind alliances are discussed, including Stephen Walt’s alliance of why alliances occur. Balancing threats and banwagoning as reasons for alliances are emphasized. In order to stress the importance of alliances, the different alliances that occurred during the Second World War are discussed with an emphasis on Japanese-German relations. Both economic and military reasons are discussed as key reasons for a Japanese-German alliance as well as what each country foresaw as a beneficial outcome of an alliance. Reasons behind a lack of Japanese-American relations are discussed, as well as reasoning behind a lack of British-Japanese relations. Implications for future international relations concerning negotiations and alliances are also discussed.

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Spring 2014


Gregory G. Gunderson

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Bachelor Thesis

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Government and Economics