Human trafficking affects victims all over the world, and it is the dark side of globalization. The ease of technological innovation and international travel made it simple for traffickers to go unnoticed. Victims are lured away from their home with false promises of a better life, economic opportunities, and employment in different areas. When the victims arrive, the traffickers beat, rape, threaten, and subject them to forced labor or sexual exploitation through involuntary servitude or debt bondage. Human trafficking affects all demographics: males, females, foreigners, domestic citizens, and persons of all ages. Americans know that human trafficking exists, but they do not realize that this phenomenon may hit very close to home. The focus of this study is to understand the phenomena that make America a top destination for human trafficking. The research will examining the supply and demand concept, the profit and risk of human trafficking, natural disasters areas, American spectacles, and the United States culture to understand the underlining factors that make traffickers target America as a destination.

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Spring 2014


Kenneth D. Tunnell

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Justice Studies

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Justice Studies