In the nineteenth century, a strategic conflict of imperial expansion surged between the British and Russia Empire for the control over Central Asia. This conflict was commonly referred as “The Great Game”. As the Russians advanced from the north, occupying vast territories of Central Asia, Britain, from the south controlling its colonial “jewel”, India, feared of an imminent Russian invasion. In order to prevent such a catastrophic event, the British took measure to expand towards Central Asia to secure their territory. Along the process various tribes and nations in Central Asia were absorbed to either one of these giants with the exception of Afghanistan. This country was able to stand against these imperial powers and was able to remain itself independent. Not only did Afghanistan was able to remain independent, but this conflict also benefited the ruling elite of Afghanistan. As a result of this unique outcome, this thesis will investigate the result of the tug of war between the British and Russian Empires on Afghanistan. It will also provide a background on the key proceedings that led to the tension between Great Britain and Russia, and explain how this conflict made Afghanistan and benefited their ruling elite.

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Fall 12-12-2014


Jennifer Spock

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