The Benefits of Creative Movement in the Schools


As an education major I have spent a lot of time in the elementary throughout my college experience in the classroom. During this time, I have learned about new educational efforts and have been able to see classrooms before and after common core. In my educational career I have seen many changes occur in the education system. There are pieces of the puzzle that we still seem to be missing. The common core is a start in the right direction it will help students gain many skills, and build a better foundation. The common core also added important skills that students need such as speaking and listening skills. In addition, there are components that have been added to include art and humanities criteria. Included in these standards are creative movement and dance. This aspect of common core is not being utilized even when research points toward creative movement having many benefits in the classroom. Creative movement is very beneficial in the classroom and can easily be paired with other core areas to enhance teaching and learning.. Most children are kinesthetic learners and benefit from being taught using movement this in addition keeps young students engaged and makes the learning process fun!

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Winter 12-13-2014


Katrina Martir

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Exercise and Sport Science

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