This paper explores various articles that discuss crew resource management (CRM) and situational awareness (SA) as well as the evolution of the aviation industry, particularly the training therein. Three main questions were used as the basis for research:

  1. What is the relationship between the cockpit environment and reactions of pilots to different situations?
  2. How has the psychological training evolved since the early years of aviation?
  3. What methods do flight programs such as at Eastern Kentucky University employ when teaching student pilots the psychological aspects of aviation?

Many points were made by the articles. The reactions of pilots to different situations rely on the information interpreted by the pilot. When the pilot has more information better situational awareness can be attained as well as better decision making. Additionally CRM training has evolved from intense seminars to recurrent training in not just error avoidance, but, in trapping errors, and mitigating the consequences of errors that do occur. Lastly flight programs such as at Eastern Kentucky University use a combination of methods when training student pilots including, CRM classes, recurrent training, and greater emphasis on CRM from flight instructors during flight training.

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Louis A Johnson

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