At the mention of Finding Nemo, most think of a cute Disney-Pixar adventure story in which an over-protective clownfish, Marlin, and his new forgetful friend, Dory, swim all across the big blue sea to find his son, Nemo. That is the plot of the movie, but there is an interesting twist to this movie that gives this story a deeper and inspiring meaning. Similar to the 2.8 million of 53.9 million school-aged children, ages 5 to 17, having a disability in 2010, eleven fish in Finding Nemo have disabilities as well. Together, they represent five different types of disabilities! Since disabilities are becoming more prevalent in the classroom, this movie is a tremendous resource for teachers at any level to teach equality and respect for those with disabilities due to the diversity and moral of the story; those with disabilities should be treated equally because their disabilities are a special gift that makes them unique. Gain knowledge on disabilities and tips on how to adapt lessons to accommodate students with disabilities by exploring Finding Nemo’s ocean of disabilities.

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Fall 12-4-2014


Lisa Whitis Kay

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