Hook up culture is often considered a new phenomenon in today’s society, but are the sexual attitudes and behaviors of young adults different than in years past? Today, students are education and career oriented. To go along with that, the average age of first marriage has shifted to the late twenties. With less emphasis on long term relationships and the emergence of social media, it appears that the behaviors of college age men and women have gradually moved towards more casual sex partnerships. The national data from the preliminary research was used to construct a survey to examine the trends of sexual attitudes and behaviors on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus. Based on the results of the survey, the sexual behaviors of students at EKU reflect those of other young adults on campuses across the nation. However, it appears that social media has not been as big of an influence on EKU student's attitudes and behaviors as would be expected.

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Spring 5-14-2015


Paul Paolucci

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Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work

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Biological Sciences