An investigation was conducted to determine some conditions that could provide false results for muzzle-to-garment distance determinations as they are commonly conducted in a forensic laboratory. The examinations of concern were visual examinations and chemical examinations. The chemical examinations included the Modified Griess Test and the Sodium Rhodizonate Test. The conditions tested were exposure to running water, submersion in water, UV exposure, extreme cold, submersion with extreme cold, extreme heat, and partial burning. It was found that a long exposure to water would remove nitrite particles from the muzzle residues and could prevent the Modified Griess Test from being used for distance determination. None of the other conditions were found to significantly interfere with the examinations for muzzle residues and distance determinations.

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Spring 2015


David D. Cunningham

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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ConnorSmith_Image1.jpg (37 kB)
Muzzle residues observed on test cloth

ConnorSmith_Image2.jpg (1571 kB)
Muzzle residues next to a bullet hole observed through a stereomicroscope

ConnorSmith_Image3.jpg (5 kB)
Cloth being placed on photographic paper

ConnorSmith_Image4.jpg (8 kB)
Heat being applied with an iron for Modified Griess Test

ConnorSmith_Image5.jpg (6 kB)
Removing the cloth from the photographic paper

ConnorSmith_Image6.jpg (6 kB)
Orange coloration, indicating the presence of nitrite particles

ConnorSmith_Image7.JPG (451 kB)
Sodium rhodizonate solution applied to test cloth

ConnorSmith_Image8.JPG (439 kB)
Beginning of pink coloration after the application of buffer solution

ConnorSmith_Image9.JPG (419 kB)
Final observed pink reaction from heavy metal residues

ConnorSmith_Image10.jpg (10 kB)
Reaction of hydrochloric acid to form blue/violet color

ConnorSmith_Image11.jpg (100 kB)
Orange haze present from a blank cloth

ConnorSmith_Image12.jpg (1395 kB)
Example of muzzle residues observed with a stereomicroscope

ConnorSmith_Image13.jpg (83 kB)
Example of known positive reaction with the Modified Griess Test

ConnorSmith_Image14.jpg (69 kB)
Example of known negative reaction with the Modified Griess Test

ConnorSmith_Image15.JPG (424 kB)
Example of a Sodium Rhodizonate Test reaction assigned a value of 1

ConnorSmith_Image16.JPG (415 kB)
Example of a Sodium Rhodizonate Test reaction assigned a value of 5