Fan fiction has become a very popular method of improving a person's writing and connecting with other fans of a series. These stories can be of novel worthy value and have the potential to be published and sold within the world market. This has been shown in that some of these stories have been published by the fan author going to another country to bypass copyright laws. This is unethical. Instead, I would like to work with the original author to make the story more authentic, as well as allow for publication within the United States through legal means. This would also provide additional income for all those involved and could continue after the end of the original story, continuing to produce income. The original author could have some measure of control over the sort of work that was published, unlike the limited control they have over was is posted online right now. It would also allow the fan author to have access to information that no other fan fiction author would have, giving them a much more authentic feel, and give them the ability to claim that their entire story fits in with canon, something that no other fan author could claim. All of this, in addition to being able to actually publish their work in an ethical manner. The profit for both sides, not only monetary but in control and authenticity would be more than worth the effort it would take to put this into motion.

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Spring 4-27-2012


Kenneth Southgate

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