College students are at risk for exposure to, exacerbation, and development of mental health issues. Exposure to and existence of historical stigmas and misconceptions is a portion of the hesitancy for this population to acknowledge symptoms and seek help. This hesitancy is often put in place by the media, in how they portray mental health Anxiety, mood, eating, psychotic, and substance abuse disorders are prevalent in this population. Colonel Campers are known for their involvement and retention at Eastern Kentucky University and are a representation for this at risk population. The participants were surveyed via a mixed quantitative and qualitative method. When research is combined with the survey analyses, it can be concluded that the population represented show a lack of preparedness and awareness in regards to the areas of mental health that they are at risk of experiencing. Abstaining from treatments can lead to an increase and worsening in symptoms as well as risks for comorbidities and involvement in violent situations. Treatment and awareness are critical components of recovery and maintenance of symptoms; this can be accomplished through pharmacological and alternative therapies as well as community education and involvement.

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Rachael Hovermale

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