In this research project, it is my personal mission to understand the way that a student thinks, and the way that I – as a future teacher – can teach them in the most beneficial way possible. Through research and personal preference, I have discovered that the arts (visual arts, drama/theatre, dance, and music) can strengthen the learning experience for many types of learners. It can build relationships through many subjects that are taught within the elementary school curriculum. In this project, I show my research from educational theorists, and share the opinion that they have or would have about the arts within the school. I also review the positive benefits that go along with using arts integration. After that portion of my project, I take a step back to question the current elementary school system in Kentucky. I take a look at the current teaching methods and styles while questioning why the arts are not being used as a bridging tool across the curriculum. I make many predictions as to why the arts are not being used and then in an attempt to understand the current system, I create a survey that questions what is really happening in the elementary schools of Kentucky. After I obtained my results, I share and review them. I then make suggestions and share the knowledge that I have learned and what will be implemented in my own classroom due to the research I have done and knowledge I have gained.

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Fall 12-3-2015


Julie Alsip Bucknam

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Curriculum and Instruction

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Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership

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Curriculum and Instruction

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