This thesis was a literary analysis on the effects and benefits that yoga had on the treatment of chronic conditions. Studies were pulled from a variety of sources and analyzed for relevance and accuracy. In the analysis it was found that four major risk factors lead to chronic illness and that yoga has a predominantly positive affect on them. These risk factors were stress, obesity, hypertension, and insulin dysregulation. After identifying these specific risk factors the studies were examined on the treatment of those factors or the methods used to reduce those factors in their relationship to yoga. As the relationship was discovered, evidence was found towards the method of using yoga as an alternative treatment to chronic illness. Also information was gathered that supported the idea that yoga prevents the occurrence of the main risk factors that cause and/or worsen chronic disease. It was suggested that yoga should be used as a lifestyle choice instead of investigating just the parts of yoga used in the studies. Adopting yoga not only as a practice but also as a mentality may be grounds for longitudinal studies in the future that focus on long term practitioners and their reactions, both physical and mental, to the yoga regimented life style choice.

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Spring 5-11-2016


Marianne McAdam

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Exercise and Sport Science

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Bachelor Thesis

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