With the use of DNA becoming increasingly more important in the field of forensics, the analysis of DNA extraction kits and collection swabs is significant. This researches main objective was to find a protocol that extracts the highest quantity and quality amount of DNA from human buccal swabs. Three extraction kits (Zymo Research Quick – gDNA MiniPrep Capped Column DNA Kit, a Bioline Isolate II Genomic DNA Kit, and Invitrogen PureLink Genomic DNA Kit) were tested with three different swabs (standard cotton swabs, Puritan foam swabs, and Isohelix DNA buccal swabs). Following procedures outline by the DNA kits distributors, DNA from buccal cells was extracted. The quality and quantity of the extracted DNA samples was measured by using a NanoDrop 2000 UV – Vis Spectrophotometer. Lastly, the samples were then processed with Rotor – Gene Q Real – Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Cycler to confirm the accuracy of the NanoDrop 2000 UV-Vis spectrophotometer measurements. Modifications were made to the protocol to ensure the aims of the research were satisfied. The experimental results showed that the Invitrogen PureLink Genomic DNA Kit protocol with only half of the PBS (250 μl of PBS) added to the samples extracted the highest quantity and quality amount of DNA with the Puritan foam swabs.

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Spring 5-12-2016


Jamie D. Fredericks

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