It is necessary for police officers to use force in their line of work. They must use force to prevent crime and keep the public safe. Sometimes, however, police officers use force beyond what is necessary to accomplish their task. This is known as the excessive use of force. The problem of excessive force is not new, but it is becoming more noticeable. This study observes the circumstances surrounding excessive force and the role it plays in the duties of police officers. One of those circumstances is the problems that excessive force causes for legislatures and courts across the country. Furthermore, the excessive use of force has had more of an impact on the black community, as relations between black citizens and police officers have been tense since the Civil Rights Movement. It is easier for police officers to commit excessive force because of the military grade equipment that is at their disposal. This study presents the excessive use of force as a mock trial case problem. There is more to excessive force than simply whether or not an officer was too physical. Many factors contribute to a police officer’s use of excessive force and examining a situation as a mock trial case problem exemplifies that.

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Spring 2016


Thomas C. Parker

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