This honors thesis is focused on looking at human trafficking in Thailand, specifically sex trafficking. It goes into detail about what human trafficking is and the prominence around the world. Thailand is an exceptionally prominent country in sex trafficking and I look at the various reasons why that is in this paper. There are organizations inside and outside of Thailand itself making efforts to eradicate it. I explore the efforts that have been made in the past, are currently being made, and are in the process of being made in Thailand to combat human trafficking. I analyze the statistics released by the United Nations on the number of people involved in human trafficking, the money generated by it, and goals for the next report. For the research aspect, I then project what outcomes will be in the coming years if Thailand continues to utilize the same efforts and goals. I found that as more and different efforts have been made in Thailand, the statistics show that human trafficking is still a growing and thriving business. As a result of the insufficiency of the efforts currently being made, I make suggestions on what to change or continue implementing into the efforts.

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Spring 2016


Robin Haarr

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Justice Studies

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing