While amateur videogame development may be popular, the question of efficiency of the code used is rarely mentioned. For most videogames, there are common, core functions which must be implemented in order to have a functioning videogame. The core functions for which that I examined were: saving and loading data, loading and handling graphics and audio, handling different aspects of physics such as gravity and collision detection, and how to implement a game loop and if using multiple threads would add to the efficiency of the code. In this creative project, I created my own videogame and implemented these core functions. Implementing these core functions, I did so through a variety of different methods, testing for which method was most efficient, if there was a better method. In order to measure the efficiency, I utilized the NetBeans Profiler to examine memory usage, and analyzed the code myself to determine how much CPU might be used. To call a method more efficient than another, it should use less CPU cycles as well as less memory. After analyzing and measuring each method of implementation for each core function, I was able to come to the conclusion that yes, some methods of implementation are indeed more efficient than others.

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Spring 2016


George V. Landon

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Computer Science

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