This research explores the connection between art education and consumerism that will identify the potential effects of the current decline in arts education. It will elaborate on the reasoning for the decline in art education and the decrease in the benefits of those programs including creativity. The study will link the harvesting and encouragement of creativity to critical thinking and problem-solving development while exploring inventive and innovative solutions. The content will also include the relationship between the innovator and consumers, the consumer’s reliance on functional art and design, and how the progression of a consumerist society will rely on art education to assure a positive development for the future. This paper will not come to a factual conclusion due to the abstract nature of the subject and inability to predict the future. It will engage the audience to question their viewpoint on the issue and will conclude in a creative exploration of two possible outcomes for the future of consumer culture.

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Spring 5-6-2016


Ida Kumoji-Ankrah

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Art and Design

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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Art and Design