A frequent question that educators often encounter is: what is the value of learning? Does knowledge have an inherent value, or should there be an economic benefit? The results of the collaborative efforts to determine the nucleotide sequence of the canine genome were used as a platform to assess these thesis statements. A literature review, practical experience in the laboratory, and interviews with several genome scientists of the contributions of the efforts to determine the genome sequence of the domestic dog, and the biomedical contributions that have been made to both canine and human health demonstrate the inherent value of this scientific objective. The canine genome effort has led to the development of new genome science technologies, new discoveries regarding the cellular basis of many canine diseases and disorders, an understanding of the basis for similar disorders in humans, Most notably, several canine cancers have been shown to be homologous to human cancers, leading to the identification of the genes responsible for such disorders. The results of the canine genome effort provide full support for the unfettered pursuit of knowledge through scientific investigation, and highlight the relationships among different fields of science.

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Spring 5-13-2016


Patrick J. Calie

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Biological Sciences

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Biological Sciences