In this creative project, the idea of cultural appropriation in fashion is explored and interpreted into mood boards and garment sketches inspired by different cultures. Cultural appropriation occurs when dominant groups take or “borrow” styles from marginalized groups, who face oppression or have been stigmatized for their cultural practices throughout history. In order to prevent appropriation from happening in fashion, it is important to educate and implement certain business styles in order to stay ethical. Understanding the history of cultural appropriation is important in moving forward and cutting down on the phenomenon in the fashion industry. By looking at examples in the upcoming pages, the difference between inspiration and appropriation will be explained, examples of correct and corrupt business moves will be laid out and ideas for change will be suggested. There will also be examples of mood boards with inspiration from 4 different cultures: Africa, India, Native American and East Asian.

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Fall 2016


Susan H. Kipp

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Family and Consumer Sciences

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