Much of today’s gaming culture pushes for increased realism and believability. While these movements have led to much more realistic graphics, we also need to keep in mind the behavior of artificial intelligence characters also in the game. Neural Networks are complicated data structures that have shown potential to learn and interpret complex behavior. This research analyzes the application of neural network as primary controllers for video game characters’ artificial intelligence. The paper considers the existing artificial intelligence techniques, and the existing uses of neural networks. It then describes a project in which a video game was created to serve as a case study in analyzing neural network controlled game characters. The paper discusses the design of the game where the player communicates with an artificial intelligence astronaut. The way that the player phrases the messages he sends to the astronaut helps determine whether the astronaut survives. The paper then analyzes the effectiveness of the astronaut character in exhibiting intelligent behavior. It then discusses potential future work in better demonstrating effective neural network controlled artificial intelligences.

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Fall 12-12-2016


George V. Landon

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Computer Science

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Computer Science and Information Technology

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Computer Science



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Game Design Document for project, Dubiety

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